O Mio Babbino Caro 我親愛的爸爸|㊗️全天下的父親,父親節快樂!

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Today is Father’s Day in Taiwan.
㊗️ Happy Father’s Day. 🎉
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Hope you Like My Video. 🙏🏻
Have a nice weekend. 😊 💕
From Taiwan Zihan Chen
(Today is Father’s Day, and I think of this piece of music every Father’s Day. Although the lyrics are not what I want to express! But the title of the song is the “my dear father” that I want to present in my heart.
I played this song back then, thinking about life with my dad, and chose this song to dedicate it to my father in heaven.
dad! I miss you so much! Happy Father’s Day!
Fathers all over the world, happy Father’s Day!)
~English translation from google


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