Grand Mandolin Players / Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble & Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio
2:30 PM
Taipei, Taiwan
National Concert Hall
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Grand Mandolin Players

Invited by Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble , Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio from Japan first performed in Taipei in 2017. Despite at an average age of 70, members of the orchestra impressed many Taiwan audiences by their passion for mandolin music. The Orchestra is keen to promote mandolin music to the next generation. They will come to perform with the Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble again on 2 June, 2019 at the National Concert Hall, Taipei. The “Grand Mandolin Players”concert will feature a number of world premiere original pieces, to be performed in collaboration with six othertalented Taiwanese musicians. It will be a fantastic event dedicated for beautiful and heart-warming music.

Performer musician

Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio

Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble

Conductor / Makoto Sakurai、Weihsin Tseng

Liuqin / Zihan Chen

Recorder / Yungtai Liu

Piano / Nick Kuo

Cello / Chienhua Lee

Accordion / Vincent Tsai

Tenor / Yuchia Chen

Trumpet / Huaitsung Lo


Program :

Conductor, Weihsin Tseng / Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble

Vincent Tsai、Arr. byNick Kuo : Vals por Val  (world premiere)

( Accordion Solo : Vincent Tsai )


Enchia Lin:Hikari  (world premiere)

(Cello Solo : Chienhua Lee )


Nick Kuo : Whisper in the Night  (world premiere)

( Recorder Solo : Yungtai Liu )


【Conductor, Makoto Sakurai / Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio】

Hyacinthe Lavitrano:RENATA

Spartaco Copertini : Notturno

Amedeo Amadei : Suite Marinaresca N.4 La Fuga Dei Tritoni


Conductor, Makoto Sakurai / Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio  Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble

Wencheng Su、TsuipinCheng、Arr. By Weihsin Tseng & OPT: The Garden After Rain
( Liuqin Solo : Zihan Chen )


Conductor, Makoto Sakurai / Orchestra “Plettro” di Tokio  Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble

W. A. Mozart : Don Giovanni No.16 Canzonetta “Deh, vieni alla finestra”

( Baritone Solo : Yuchia Chen )


Leroy Anderson:A Trumpeter’s Lullaby

( Trumpet Solo : Huaitsung Lo )


Eugeue Boucheron : Impressions D’ Espagne

No.1 Cortege

No.2 Serenade

No.3 Sous Les Orangers

No.4 Bolero


Franz Lehar Op.79、Arr. by Tadashi Hattori : Gold und Silber